L’Arche USA

Larche USA - Portland in NYCL’Arche USA exists to amplify the voices of people who have intellectual disabilities; provide growth opportunities for people of all abilities; nurture the faith life of local communities; strengthen communities with resources and collaborative leadership; develop strategic partnerships; and found new communities. 

Communities within L’Arche USA include:

L’Arche Member Communities
Member communities are independent nonprofit 501(c)(3)’s who have completed the process of establishing homes and/or workplaces where community members with and without intellectual disabilities are sharing life together.

L’Arche Projects
L’Arche Projects are communities who are in the final stage of founding their homes and/or workplaces. This includes the detailed organization and implementation of the strategic plan designed in the pre-founding period. This stage also includes: identifying the core members and assistants to be welcomed; beginning fundraising in earnest; establishing relationships and agreements with government agencies and other organizations, and deepening contacts with local religious leaders and groups.

L’Arche Emerging Communities
Emerging Communities are those who have identified establishing homes and/or workplaces under the L’Arche Model as their end goal, but who are still becoming organized, beginning formal government processes and building the initial relationships that will allow them to do so.

LArche USA Map 2016

L’Arche Member Communities

L’Arche Projects and Emerging Communities