Our Dream

Friends of L’Arche Fort Collins is working to establish a community using the L’Arche model, where individuals with intellectual disabilities (core members) and those who support them (assistants) live together in mutual respect, interdependence and companionship. Inspired by the Beatitudes, we give witness to the reality that people of differing intellectual capacity, religion, and culture can live and work together celebrating the gifts of each person and serving as a beacon of hope for Northern Colorado.

We aspire to open two homes with three core members and three assistants each, that are integrated into the wider community of Fort Collins through friendships, work, neighborhood and community projects. Homes whose members attend local faith gatherings, shop and work at local businesses, visit public parks and events, and are known by their neighbors. We celebrate the unique value of every person, recognize our need of one another, and seek to transform society through relationships that cross social boundaries.

Friends of L’Arche Fort Collins desires to provide sustainable homes for individuals with intellectual disabilities in close proximity to the city’s bus route, extensive park and trail system, and Colorado State University, with it’s programs in Occupational Therapy, Music Therapy, Art Therapy, and Equine Therapy.

We aspire to be a sustainable community. Through green building, employing methods to reduce our energy consumption, and growing some of our own food, we hope to reduce our environmental footprint to foster a healthy, inclusive, and meaningful life now and for future generations.

Friends of L’Arche Fort Collins seeks to partner with a farm community or CSA that will keep us close to nature, offer opportunity for meaningful employment of core members in organic farming, and foster the community’s ability to live. Working together in nature allows for the cultivation of self worth, and helps to grow our connection to the cycles of life and to one another. Farming, in particular, awakens the dignity that comes from seeing something through from seed to harvest.

See where we are now in the process of working towards this dream…

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