The Yellow Brick Road

Or: Where Did We Come From and
Where Are We Headed?

From our beginning as a social justice study group group to our dream of a L’Arche Community in Northern Colorado we have walked many miles on the Yellow Brick Road. We have founded our board, received 501(c) (3) status, become an Emerging L’Arche Community and, the latest accomplishment, we are now a certified Provider Approved Service Agency (PASA) in Colorado.

We are traveling down that beautiful gold spiral road leading to the Emerald City, but what do we have to do next to get there?

1) Build the Friends of L’Arche Fort Collins Board

For this we need people with good hearts, brains, and courage, especially the following: leadership qualities, financial expertise, experience navigating governmental social programs, and fundraising talent.

2)Achieve Project Status with L’Arche USA so that we may open our first two homes

For this we need the following: families, caregivers, individuals with intellectual disabilities and others in the community wit hearts for such individuals to join us in regular gathering to connect, share, grow, and learn; and funds to enable us to acquire a couple of homes.

Relationships are at the heart of L’Arche! Fellowship is one of the most beautiful attributes of a L’Arche community, where core members and assistants share living — food, celebrations (singing and dancing), tasks, travel, and other wonderful experiences. They thus live in an oasis of belonging. One of the ways we honor Jean Vanier, the founder, is to build a larger community of people who support L’Arche, so who hope to live in the homes but most who will commit to supporting this beautiful vision of life.

How can you help?

  • Help us connect with people who have the skills we need on the board.
  • Come to our community gatherings, and the events we participate in.
  • Donate now!
  • Pray for our community, that we may be open and have the strength to carry out this vision.

Thank you for your involvement and support. Each brick on the yellow brick road is so important to paving the way. Perhaps the opening celebration of our first home will have to have a Wizard of Oz theme.