Meet: Richard Trebus

Hello Friends of L’Arche Fort Collins (FOLFC) supporters!

It’s a pleasure to be a part of your efforts to establish a L’Arche community in Northern Colorado. The process to become L’Arche can be a long and adventurous journey, but it is a path worth traveling. I know the journey well, having been a part of the group that established L’Arche Jacksonville some 25+ years ago.

I lived in and worked with L’Arche Jacksonville for 16 years before moving to Colorado to complete graduate studies at Colorado State University. Today I live in Boulder, Colorado with my two children, Sydney (15) and Malcom (18), and I operate a consulting business (Split Arrow Consulting) providing capacity building and organization development services to Provider Approved Service Agencies in Colorado.

Over the past eight years, I have worked with FOLFC’s Leadership Team on a variety of projects and activities in support of its efforts to become a member of L’Arche. Ever since I met Jane and Bill McClellan and Jennifer Pfiester, I have been welcomed as a long-distance member and trusted advisor. Thanks, FOLFC, for allowing me the opportunity to support your goals. These are exciting times, so keep up the great work. The journey to become L’Arche is definitely worth it!

-Richard Trebus